Woken Up (Pt 2)

At last, at last,
They’ve been uncorked!
This river of hope
Flows freely once more!

If only for me
Let these words become a sea
Of joy and honesty
Of faith and unity

This pen is my lifeline
My thoughts’ only bloodstream
Now with the clot removed
Let’s begin this day anew.


Woken Up (Pt 1)

Write long and hard about what hurts
They say
But I can’t for fear
Of the bridges I’ll burn

I read my own words
With such shades of obstinence
What’s the use of such words
If tinged with arrogance?

I think of then and I think of them
Of the burdens and demons hidden
Behind the memories, behind the thoughts, the fears
Behind the crumpling of the jar that once held these tears

And for you who are wondering
Yes, the good Lord remains
My closest confidante
It’s my words who return with disdain.