Seven Days of Thoughts

I’ve run out of ideas to write But it was never really me, was it? At least it shouldn’t have been.

I find my inspiration in my grandfather’s words

Tales of a time too far gone and forgotten 

But that made us who we are, whether or not we choose to believe it.  
I wonder who we would be if we could see each other through clean eyes 

Untainted by this earth. 


We read dreams from other’s bloodstreams

Think thoughts of greatness like stolen originalities 
And through it all we strive for happiness to kiss us with all her might 

As if she had a choice

We give our emotions 

Strength and courage and credibility 

When all they are

Are fickle creatures blown about by the wind

Until we take hold of their horns and decide to choose 

Joy when the world sinking

Life when all is dying.
I can’t help but remember

As the flame burns slowly

Nagaland ablaze 

In celebration as those twelve and we eight

Danced on a rooftop to

Firecracker music.
Each year it’s own joy

It’s own excited hailing 

Of years around the sun

And all each mile will bring.
This year won’t alter unless your attitude does.

I understand the pain 

Of circumstances you can’t change

I’ve been there, too

Death after death, endless cycle

As spirit meets stomach 

Still choice remains

Where will your eyes focus? 

Joy when the world is sinking

Life when all is dying.

A Collection


There is joy beyond
The paper walls of fear
They scream I’m stuck here, when,
The strife is over

Dwelling now in the dawn
I’ll never again dread the night
For I am Yours
And You are mine



We were walking
Down flights of stair
Into the unknown
I hear their laugh
I feel their footsteps
The worst was over
The rails were blue

Now I’ve come to become
Myself anew
The thunderstorm has passed
Can you taste the dew?



What to do, who to be?
I’d lost myself, you see
Now we’re discovering
That all worth something
Lies in the land
Beyond the sea




Limberlost’s Gate

The abusers
They know not what they do
So we shy away
And they push closer
Knives in hand
Tearing at the garden You made

What do You will?
Shall I stay, shall I flee?
To stay is to fight
To flee is to acquiesce
So tell me, oh Gardener,
What do You will?

We hold the keys
But You see the seeds
Scattered by hands uncaring
Forming brutal weeds

Now the mistakes have been made
Scars of thorns lay tattoo my flesh
You paint them into roses
Each tear having a purpose

Looking back now, I see
Where beauty once was trampled
Gently You have pruned it
To be more Heavenly.

This garden is ours,
Next time I’ll be more careful
Set the Watchman at the gate
Listen to Your whispered presage
And trust that when
Mistakes are made
You’ll restore this garden to beauty again.

“My sister, my bride, you are a locked garden- a locked garden and a sealed spring.” ~Song of Songs 4:12


Little Flower

Worry is on the wind
Raging around me
A brutal storm
Of doubt, worry, insecurity

As night wore on
Deepening darkness brought deepening fears
And I cried out, “My God
From me why have You turned Your ear?”

Yet as the words
Soared from these lips
Your voice rushed in
A tender kiss

The sunshine broke
Joy is dawning as apprehensions shatter
And I begin to see clearly again
In the light of Your laughter


Woken Up (Pt 2)

At last, at last,
They’ve been uncorked!
This river of hope
Flows freely once more!

If only for me
Let these words become a sea
Of joy and honesty
Of faith and unity

This pen is my lifeline
My thoughts’ only bloodstream
Now with the clot removed
Let’s begin this day anew.

On Pride&Bitterness

It’s a cancer; she lies within
Stroking her prey with whispers of when
Her arms lay not about their lungs
Their glory was equal to the sun

Slowly then, she sinks her teeth
Insisting you’ve marched “Once more
To the breach,
Dear friends, once more!”

But your friends wouldn’t march along
So you went it alone
Saving, you think
This ship about to sink

Or perhaps you chose to flee
Solitary in your “glorious wisdom”
Nursing the hurts
Of when body met sea

While left behind
Laid passengers crying
“Ungrateful,” you whisper
Under your breath whilst swimming to closest shore

Then there she is
Happy as can be
Her prey returned of his own volition
Resting in the glory of his “glorious wisdom”

You don’t see her talons
The venom seeping from her lips
As you run to her embrace
Beg for a kiss

Which ginergly she places
Upon cracked blue lips
Before returning to the waves
A body limp from poisoned bitterness

And the passengers of that sinking ship?
They reached back to Ithaca
With splendor and joy at overcoming hardship
But your fate was chosen at Anthemoesa

In the name of glory
You wrote your own story
Deeming the Author too distant
Because home’s shore was hidden
Beyond the curtain
Of arrogance’s abdication.


Woken Up (Pt 1)

Write long and hard about what hurts
They say
But I can’t for fear
Of the bridges I’ll burn

I read my own words
With such shades of obstinence
What’s the use of such words
If tinged with arrogance?

I think of then and I think of them
Of the burdens and demons hidden
Behind the memories, behind the thoughts, the fears
Behind the crumpling of the jar that once held these tears

And for you who are wondering
Yes, the good Lord remains
My closest confidante
It’s my words who return with disdain.


Return to the East

Silver twigs
Reminding me of where we’ve been
Wrap around my finger
The spot where yours likes to linger

Crystal sits atop
Remnant of Limberlost
“Cut by God to delicate strength and beauty”
Picked because it reminds you of me

Gently you whisper in my ear
As you pull me so desperately near
I am all you hold dear
Together we’ll conquer my every fear

The future is dawning
I can taste her coming
Like coffee in the morning
As sunshine breaks through and you call me “darling.”

From Delhi to Nepal

White sheets
As we travel on
Life she is a wanderer
Confused in her slumber
Dreams of hope
Terrors of evening scopes
Tell me, where will we go
When all is finally lost?

Let the rain fall
Pour over these bones
Take me home
To where I belong
Safe in his arms.

Dusty toes
As dusk settles in
Joy she is a ghost
Changing shapes as of Heaven
She sings to our souls
We are golden, immortal
Journeying through all
This earth we’re meant to know enjoy.

So let the rain fall
Soak life into these bones
Where You lead, I’ll follow
Though I feel I drown
I will grow.

Let the rain fall
Pour over these bones
Take me home
While I feel I drown
I will grow.

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