Seven Days of Thoughts

I’ve run out of ideas to write But it was never really me, was it? At least it shouldn’t have been.

I find my inspiration in my grandfather’s words

Tales of a time too far gone and forgotten 

But that made us who we are, whether or not we choose to believe it.  
I wonder who we would be if we could see each other through clean eyes 

Untainted by this earth. 


We read dreams from other’s bloodstreams

Think thoughts of greatness like stolen originalities 
And through it all we strive for happiness to kiss us with all her might 

As if she had a choice

We give our emotions 

Strength and courage and credibility 

When all they are

Are fickle creatures blown about by the wind

Until we take hold of their horns and decide to choose 

Joy when the world sinking

Life when all is dying.
I can’t help but remember

As the flame burns slowly

Nagaland ablaze 

In celebration as those twelve and we eight

Danced on a rooftop to

Firecracker music.
Each year it’s own joy

It’s own excited hailing 

Of years around the sun

And all each mile will bring.
This year won’t alter unless your attitude does.

I understand the pain 

Of circumstances you can’t change

I’ve been there, too

Death after death, endless cycle

As spirit meets stomach 

Still choice remains

Where will your eyes focus? 

Joy when the world is sinking

Life when all is dying.

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