Cultivating an Others-Focused Mentality

I’m beginning to realize the currency of community as a topic in my life right now. Perhaps it’s because isolation is such an eminent tool of the enemy’s. If we’re not isolated, he pits our emotions and PMS against us to make us think we are. Gradually that declines into self-awareness, then self-pity, and finally self-absorption until we have become so focused on our navels we truly are isolated because no one can stand to be around us and the ever interesting lint in our belly buttons.

Please hear me, I write this from the stance of being painfully aware of my own navel-syndrome. With the wedding (and thus marriage) coming ever closer, my voice is like nails on a chalkboard even to my own ears sometimes. But this is something we all battle. Where is the line between sharing and being open and intimate with a sister and becoming that one friend who never shuts up about her cat?

And then He whispers, abide. Even when striving to be an attentive listener, it can still so quickly become about us. However, when our mentality is no longer that of “Am I being a faithful enough friend, minister, sister, coworker, wife, daughter, etc,” but instead becomes “Lord, who would You have me bless today? Please equip me in the moment to do so in the way they are most needing,” breathing room opens up for us, striving ceases, and He is free to work through us however He sees best. Because like I said in my last post, it is not about us. It is never about us. It can’t be, because the moment it does our own nothingness and disparity floods like a Miami downpour. Once we’ve opened ourselves up to His leading, He is free to take the reins, whether that means sharing with so-and-so about our cat or listening to them talk for an hour about their own. Whatever it is, He will guide us. It simply takes getting our eyes off ourself and back onto Him.


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