Resurrection Power

After 6 flights and 2 trains in 5 days, we arrived, and India is so much more than I could have dreamed of… 

Hanging out of the open train door as we go over a river, with a new brother from the streets of Kolkata laughing above my head.  Waking up to fresh chai handed to me by the same brothers, whose language I’m still no where near grasping. Midnight dancing to shared worship songs. The thrill of watching God heal.

 On our last leg over here, our  host’s two year old daughter fell from about twelve feet to the concrete train floor below, and stopped breathing for 10 minutes roughly. We all were praying. She awoke. The rest of the night, she showed mild signs of trauma, but after more praying all symptoms have fully disappeared. Our God still moves in radical ways. 

Christmas involved more chocolate than we needed, and climbing a cathedral steeple to see the city below. Today we had a picnic by the river side. And in ever moment, singing and dancing and falling in love with the nation, as well as my amazing team. 

Now, all of us except Rosie (the lovely face on the post header) are getting over the seemingly obligatory cold every international adventure begins with. I’m relaxing in bed on my wooden mattress, more in love with my sleeping bag than I thought possible. Slowly, my bones are making the adjustment though. Wood is a lot softer today than it was at the beginning of the week. God is faithful. 

Well, this was week one of outreach, and there’s not a thing I would change about it. 

Until next time.





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