We’ve all our own burdens, our own trauma, we carry on our backs. All broken hearts are equally broken, whether by a mallet or small stone; they lay shattered just the same. If you’re anything like me, you are well aware that compared to the horrors of this world, it was a tiny pebble that crushed your soul. Darling, your pain is valid. You are allowed to be hurt, you are allowed to heal.


Little bird
I see you fighting
Your wings are clipped
By devices not your own

Now where feathers once were
Burdens instead you carry
Pain has taught you to fear
Even hands reaching out
To relieve you of weights
Too mighty for your
Young shoulders

The walls are up
Would you let Him in?
He’s been there, too
He knows the scars
He knows the fear
Would you let Him in?

Fresh wings He’ll bring you
No more fighting to loose
Burdens only digging deeper
I’m aware these words are pale
This one’s just for me and you
Little bird
You’ve tasted bits of freedom
Of what life could be,
Darling, please
Let Him take you home
We’ll be here waiting
Arms open, heart singing

Little bird, it’s time
Let the walls down
Let the Lovelight shine.

Tuesday Night Conversations

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