Sunrise Hymn

What would Van Gogh’s Starry Night have been without the reality of a milky way behind it? Would there be any beauty, or just lines on a page? This past Sunday I shot a wedding that was the most poetic in its tradition I’ve experienced, yet it remained drenched in a tragic state of emptiness. In the midst of the loveliest symbolism, no one had any idea of the truth they were representing. It was enough to break any heart that knew the meaning behind the movements, while filling the same with hope.

From the singing and dancing as the groom came to receive his bride, to the blowing of the shofar midway through the ceremony, to the flowers transforming the temple to a paradise, one could not help but be reminded of Christ’s return. It was the truth behind the artistry. Yet, besides my boss and myself, all eyes were vehemently shut, preferring the Cave to a sunrise hymn.

And in the midst of these ramblings thoughts, I feel a swelling wave. Yes, He is coming soon, but first there is another change about to happen, one I only vaguely sense, something I can’t quite put my finger on. The tide is being sucked out from around me, and I, as sand, am being drawn along with it. As with any lovely disaster, pain is imminent, but with the flood I know overwhelming joy is coming. Last year’s rainstorm of changes was almost only confusing and gut-wrenching, and it seems now not just I, but this community as a whole lay on the brink of another whirlwind season. However in the midst of this one we are all continually being assured of the peace-laden excitement it will bring.

With singing and dancing, our Bridegroom is coming for us. He is on the way, I feel it in my bones. The path is simply being paved now, a glorious battle for eternity being waged. So I suppose this is my celebration, my battle cry for a war already won.

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later on you will understand.”
~John 13:7~

3 thoughts on “Sunrise Hymn

  1. Dear Miss Serenity Fountain,

    I can’t begin to tell you how much your work means to me. From your beautifully articulate analogies to your amazing life experiences you’re words paint a beautiful masterpeice in my mind. This post inspires me the way it speaks of our generation and the flood of new change rushing in. Your reminder to us of Christ Jesus returning for His bride is so rich and so fullfilling it’s like a well needed drink of water in a dry and parched draught.

    I pray that the Lord would prosper this blog and all of these posts so that the words He’s given you can touch the hearts of many.


    – Jonny

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    • Dear Mister Jonny Monfreda,
      What do I say to this? Thank you doesn’t suffice… Your words are more encouraging than any I’ve yet received. This has me in tears. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
      Forever yours,

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