Highway Thoughts

Jesus, don’t let me loseThe wonder of this moment
And all You are
In this budding romance
It is so easy to forget
My First and Ultimate Love

But Yeshu,
All I need,
All I desire,
Is Your precious will.

Your formed the night sky
Vast and holy,
Yet You know my name
Dust as I am.

I want to know you,
El Shaddai,
Maker of all,
Beloved Protector;
Would You teach me
The lines of Your face?
What does each scar
(For I know they are there,
As You were tortured so
For my very breath)
Stand in honor of?
Whose names are written in the wounds,
What are the stories
Flowing through Your bloodstream?

Why me?
How could
Stare sin in her
Poker face
See beyond the dirt
Into the quaking soul
Begging to be heard
In ways she’s doesn’t
Herself comprehend?

You came.
You perceived the thoughts
I was yet unaware of
Claimed me as
Your precious own

Now I am Yours

At times I fear
Monotony in my words
All I can cry
Is Your Name
But until I die
Let Your love
Your truth
Be my proclamation
For that is all
That will ever
On this earth
Be worth fighting for.

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