Highway Thoughts

Jesus, don’t let me loseThe wonder of this moment
And all You are
In this budding romance
It is so easy to forget
My First and Ultimate Love

But Yeshu,
All I need,
All I desire,
Is Your precious will.

Your formed the night sky
Vast and holy,
Yet You know my name
Dust as I am.

I want to know you,
El Shaddai,
Maker of all,
Beloved Protector;
Would You teach me
The lines of Your face?
What does each scar
(For I know they are there,
As You were tortured so
For my very breath)
Stand in honor of?
Whose names are written in the wounds,
What are the stories
Flowing through Your bloodstream?

Why me?
How could
Stare sin in her
Poker face
See beyond the dirt
Into the quaking soul
Begging to be heard
In ways she’s doesn’t
Herself comprehend?

You came.
You perceived the thoughts
I was yet unaware of
Claimed me as
Your precious own

Now I am Yours

At times I fear
Monotony in my words
All I can cry
Is Your Name
But until I die
Let Your love
Your truth
Be my proclamation
For that is all
That will ever
On this earth
Be worth fighting for.

Feverish Youth Set Free

Reckless abandon
Stars shining
Road unending 
Shooting straight into
The looming night 

Onward, onward
Till we join the sky
Suddenly, we’re screaming
Singing to the supernovas
The city’s pulse lulls
Then quickens
We are but bystanders
As souls by the thousands 
Race on beneath us

We lay in the grass 
Dew cleansing us through 
Hair mingles with wildflowers 
Time nonexistent

Tomorrow the sun
Will rise once more
But tonight we belong
To the dancing stars. 

We Stood Steady as the Stars

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with a sense of curious┬ácontentedness. The future is unfolding; I am a mere witness. This Saturday marks my high school graduation, leaving me torn apart by emotion. I’m so grateful it’s over, and I can begin devoting more time to the things which truly bring me joy, and that I want to make a career out of, but at the same time this has been one of the best seasons of my life.

The first three years defined me, and in this last one I have gotten so close to my guys. Most girls would hate being one of the only girls, but I loved it. These boys have become my brothers, often my bodyguards, and always the dearest of friends. Everyone says after high school that they will keep in touch. I don’t want to make an empty promise, but I will say that I’ll try my hardest. That I won’t ever forget them. That I’ll love each of them till the day I die, and that should they need anything, I’m only ever a phone call away. And that goes for each of you: Aurelio, Tommy, Ian, Noah, and Teddy.

And then there are the founders of Equip, the men who have become like dear uncles to me. All I can say regarding these two is thank you. Thank you for all you’ve sacrificed to make Equip the incredible institution it is. Thank you for sacrificing your lives to pour into ours. Thank you for helping shape me into who I am. Thank you for always being there for us. Thank you for being such clear examples of what it means to live a life abandoned for Jesus.

I don’t know what the summer will be. I don’t know what the future will be. Like I said, I’m just watching it unfold. But I’m beginning to understand who I am, and that is in large part due to Equip Education. I didn’t set out meaning for this post to be so painfully emotional, but I guess it’s okay since I’m graduating high school and all. Tomorrow will come as it comes; God’s holding it and giving me tastes and glimpses each day. So far, it seems pretty wonderful. I’m ready for it now. Freshman year, the idea of graduating and ever leaving this place terrified me. But I’m ready now.

Let’s fly.