Monotonous Love

I’m so tired of artists tearing down artists, family tearing down family, Christians tearing down Christians. What happened to being known for our love for one another? 

Is discouraging someone really worth that effort? Why not encourage? It takes half the thought. And if it’s taking you more, be silent and work your brain. 

We talk about global unity, yet can’t even smile at our neighbors. We talk about joining together as the body of Christ, then in the next breath rant about everything that’s wrong with the church. I know I’m guilty of this too, and please hear that I’m not trying to rag on Christians with this post, but it’s a dangerous trend I see and feel the need to call out. Prayer meetings are for prayer, not gossip. If an artist puts out work, that’s terrifying for them. Respect the pain and insecurity that no doubt went into that. Even if it’s not your taste, treat it with love. Even if you don’t agree with it, pray about it hard before you speak up, and remember that chances are, fifteen others are speaking up, too. Maybe they just need you to be silent and love on them. 

Maybe that’s what most of the people here on this earth need; quiet compassion. 

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