It’s strange, this feeling. I want to move, finish out the season with flying colors, be passionate about all the opportunities God has sent my way, but today, I can’t. We always are told to ask for His strength, to live off of it. But today, through various verses, through the words of my sister, through signs over doors, I sense Him telling me to finally be still. To complete only the tasks which bring repose, and not stress over the ones that, important as they are, can be done tomorrow. This is not a cry for procrastination, just the simple rest He may also be calling you to. These past twelve months have been a stormy sea of busyness and feeling stuck, but today I will choose to lay aside the projects I would so honestly love to complete, the ones that remind me that the future is beginning and adventure lies ahead, and instead grab a hot cup of somethin’, a blanket, and my Bible and rest in His Presence. The day’s last hours are His. RevisedDSC_0279_078.jpgDSC_0279 And tomorrow, I will rise with the sun, finish up all carried over to-do’s, and set to work. Tomorrow my hand will find the plow again. But for today, I will be still. Today I will simply breathe, and meditate on all He’s brought me through. Today I will push aside the doubts and hopes and fears and dreams, and relax in who He is. After all, His grace is an ocean, and we’re just sinking.

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