A Daydream

Dance in the greenRevisedDSC_0027_089
Befriend the trees
“They were created for you”
He whispers
While taking my hand
Lifting me above the stars
The ones made to reflect
His eyes.

“Diamonds on the grass
New ones laid every evening
Were meant to remind you
Of your priceless worth”
He sings
Spinning me around
Catching me in His arms
Tender and secure.

As the rain begins to pour
We find shelter in the RevisedDSC_0065_097woods
As the oceans begin to rise
We find warmth behind the waterfall.
There is truth in His eyes
And in light of His Presence
All things begin making sense
His smile is my home
His embrace my surety
That all is never lost.
With golden rays of dawn
We chase the sun’s ascent
Searching for the East,
For the Land of Eternal MorningRevisedDSC_0093_109

He knows the path
He is my guide
And on these seas of life
Where the waters join the horizon
We sail across the deep azure
Singing with the gulls
Dancing with the wind
There is hope yet
Joy never ending
Adventure unceasing.

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