These Happy Golden Years

Lately I’ve been in a restless season of in-betweens. Graduation is right around the corner, yet part of me still feels like a freshman on her first day. Every waking moment, I grow more and more anxious for Hawaii, to where my bones ache for it, while in the same breath home’s love song pours out of me. How could I ever leave this precious city who shaped me so completely?

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I suppose what I’m trying to figure out is the art of growing where you’re planted, while not losing sight of aspirations or roots. At eighteen, I am well aware that my entire future lay before me, yet I’m also aware of all I will be leaving behind when I take that first step. So today, I will choose to celebrate “these happy golden years,” as that is where I am now; tomorrow will be here soon enough. I refuse to let hope steal the joy from today’s adventure, how ever small they may seem in comparison.

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Because from the midnight drives with your best friend, just because you need to get out, to those morning discussions over coffee, to revisiting the statue we claimed that freshmen year, this is a golden time. So I suppose this whole post just stemmed from a need to share my thoughts on where I’ve been lately, and to share my love for the season of quiet interludes.

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