Borrowed Words (Easter Service)

RevisedMarch-April 2015 062_062

RevisedMarch-April 2015 067_067

Not in the turmoil of the raging storm,
Not in the earthquake or devouring flame;
But in the hush that could all fear transform,
The still, small whisper came.

O Soul, keep silence on the mount of God,
Though cares and needs throb around you like a sea;
From prayers, petitions, and desires unshod,RevisedMarch-April 2015 078_078
Be still, and hear what God will say to thee.

All fellowship has interludes of rest,
New strength maturing in each level of power;
The sweetest Alleluias of the blest
Are silent, for the space of half an hour.

O rest, in utter quietude of soul,
Abandon words, leave praise and prayer awhile;RevisedMarch-April 2015 072_072
Let your whole being, hushed in His control,
Learn the full meaning of His voice and smile.

Not as an athlete wrestling for a crown,
Not taking Heaven by violence of will,
But with your Father as a child sit down,
And know the bliss that follows His “Be Still!”

Mary Rowles Jarvis

RevisedMarch-April 2015 065_065
RevisedMarch-April 2015 069_069RevisedMarch-April 2015 068_068

RevisedMarch-April 2015 075_075

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