The kindness of people in this world never fails to astound me. From the best friend and family who took me in three years ago like the lost puppy on their doorstep that I was (and haven’t left my side since), to the siblings who forgive even the worst sides of me, the man stopping traffic so I with the camera gear can cross, to the blog-reader who heard of my stolen camera and, aware it was needed for YWAM this September, as well as for me to be the freelance photojournalist (of sorts) that I aspire to be, gifted me a new one, along with some of his own equipment. I can’t even imagine the stories this lens has told…


The blessing of Ellie (every tool of mine needs a name) is so much more than the struggle of this past season of dealing with the spiritual warfare regarding my blog, for the token was infinitely more than a camera.

It is a reminder that I am in the center of God’s will. It is a promise that all will be restored in due time, and is being restored even now. It is encouragement that someone out there who was once in my place as a young adult trying to figure out what I want to do with myself; someone who has seen my pictures and read my words and knows my hopes; someone who is now in the field I am chasing believes I have what it takes and was willing to invest in me.

It is the assurance that Adonai sees me, out of all the billions of other folks on this planet.

We never know why God is doing what He is doing in our lives; not fully. While we may harbor a notion, the entire masterpiece is rarely revealed beforehand; usually all we see are the brushstrokes. I’m not sure what He is going to do with my camera and my pen, but as of yet, I am thoroughly enjoying the lines of color. He restored what was lost physically, and I’m certain that through even this post, He is restoring what was digitally eaten. He is mending every scar, and so I will trust Him with tomorrow’s ministry. Today, though, let’s search for humans to bless as my beloved anonymous donor blessed me.

Look around you. Someone is hurting. Who is it? How can you be used as His vessel? Christ doesn’t only use nameless Samaritans. One thing I beg of you though: ask nothing in return.

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